Where to begin?

I’ve structured the site to have three main components—declarative, applicative/procedural, and eclectic—which I hope impart ease of use.

Here, one is presented with the bare facts of my academic endeavors, primarily in the realms of finance and statistics. I have also charted my path through undergrad, each course taken, a deliberate step in my education and pursuit of knowledge.

On this page, the practical applications of my interests in statistics, data science, and machine learning are meticulously detailed. It offers access to both repositories and containerized applications, facilitating direct interaction in a structured manner.

This page acts as a repository for interests lying beyond the scope of previous sections. However, this should not be mistaken for a devaluation of their importance to me.

Don't like the cursor?

I created this custom cursor partly to showcase my JavaScript skills and also for enjoyment. While it's not required, it interacts with elements of the website, which I believe enhances the overall user experience. However, if preferred, this button allows you to toggle the cursor on or off.