Hello! Welcome to where I illustrate the assorted knowledge and academic interests that good fortune has afforded me; and, though not exhaustive, it lends itself sufficient breadth.

To the dismay of my leisure, I've lived with a multitude of passions, each pursued with intensity. It would come as no shock then to find that my sparse web development skills felt similarly when tasked with creating a site encompassing this multitude. Yet, the journey has been one of deep enjoyment and enrichment. I hope it resonates with you in a similar manner!


This section consists of three groups: finance, statistics, and coursework. Finance and statistics hold my musings and learned concepts that struck me alongside useful materials. The third, coursework, is pure information, a clear record for those who seek to understand my path.

Don't like the cursor?

I created this custom cursor partly to showcase my JavaScript skills and also for enjoyment. While it's not required, it interacts with elements of the website, which I believe enhances the overall user experience. However, if preferred, this button allows you to toggle the cursor on or off.